On Ghomeshi

Years ago, in the house of a queer friend from Atlantic Canada, I joked about Jian Ghomeshi and how he rudely and aggressively hit on her once. She laughed, I laughed, we laughed. She was queer – I thought he was queer. It was comedic gold. I didn’t think anything about it, and I sort of thought it was one of those “flaws” that celebrities have. I didn’t think twice about it.

I lived in Toronto. Used to joke with female friends about going and seeing George Strombolopolous’ show, because he was kind of funny. And I was from Vancouver, so seeing something at the CBC would be cool. I think I even invited my partner there once. Occasionally, I’d hear comments about Jian and his creepiness, and my brain would connect this back to my friend, and her story. But I didn’t think twice about it.

I’ll admit I used to really enjoy Jian’s “well, hello there” that he started the show with. I’m a white man; I have lots of privilege – I didn’t think about how that was pretty much an embodiment of his creepiness. His “Happy Tuesday.” I didn’t think twice about it.

Now I read that he would beat women, and then the next day text them – “Happy Thursday.” The idea of his voice makes me sick to my stomach.

I only wish I had thought twice about these interconnected rumours, these stories I’d heard from Newfoundland and from Toronto and Vancouver. But I didn’t, because privilege blinds.

Thank you to the women who have stepped forward and shared their stories. And I think twice about the courage and strength that it takes to do that. And that Ghomeshi is but one case of hundreds of thousands and millions that happen and continue to happen.

We all need to think twice. Especially those of us blinded by privilege.

How the Corporate Media Misleads Us, Intentionally

So, here’s Forbes magazine telling us that the majority of scientists are skeptical about global warming.

Hmmm. Well that’s news, for sure.

Except it’s a lie.

As a phrase, I’d be somewhat more interested in “climate change” or “climate breakdown,” but that’s not all that significant compared to the MASSIVE LIE IN THEIR HEADLINE! <echo> <echo> <echo>: “Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis“.

Here’s what they don’t tell us:

The survey was of petroleum industry scientists and engineers.

Do you think there MAY be some bias here?

They even link to the study, but they don’t report the most important element that erodes most of its credibility: their horribly skewed sample. And if you can find any Forbes apology or retraction or clarification about this lying piece of spin, I’d love to see it, because I can’t find it.

Ladies and gentlemen, submitted for your approval, our friends, the corporate media:

<cue applause sign>

Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis

It is becoming clear that not only do many scientists dispute the asserted global warming crisis, but these skeptical scientists may indeed form a scientific consensus.

via Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis – Forbes.

Welcome, Dropping Oil Prices!

So, expensive oil made the tarsands and LNG more financially attractive if not climate-destroying.

We know this because…science! Unless you are a science-denier.

But even with and prices AND demand dropping, we are seeing the makings of a real flattening of long-term stability in demand that can fundamentally undermine the BC Liberal Party’s ignorance-embracing lust for LNG, fracking, oil, gas and coal.

If you want to see what resilience looks like, and how the global carbon energy market is going to poke holes in the BC Liberal Party’s science-rejecting, short-sighted energy policy, read this piece below, and sign up for daily emails from Resilience.org:

1/4 of all bitumen mining projects lose money when oil drops below $80 a barrel.


Who Just Lost 63 Trillion Gallons of Water?

A few weeks ago, we saw that the California drought is going to increase BC’s food prices through the rest of the decade.

Scientists know things. This isn’t news to them.

They know we have burned too many fossil fuels so that the climate is changing.

The pine beetle has killed much of BC’s forests because winters haven’t been cold enough to kill them.

This week BC’s coast has experienced the remnants of a Tropical Storm Ana. So, that’s new.

California is becoming more of a desert, leading to increasing wild fires and more droughts.

These are the effects scientists have said would happen.

The BC Liberal Party, however, continues to reject science as if they were merely uneducated or blind with greed, despite having several scientists and doctors among their MLAs. Any cognitive dissonance?

They want to extract and sell as much fossil fuels as they can, so people can burn it instead of creating the post-carbon energy infrastructure of wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, and smarter hydro.

They want to ground the provincial government’s budget around the dirty money that comes from carbon-based fuels.

They want all the oil, gas and coal out of the ground fast so it can be burned for cash, thereby exacerbating climate breakdown.

And they want to flood more farmland for the Site C dam, which is NOT smart hydro, as if our food security weren’t already in peril. Let alone all the townhouses, golf courses and container parking lots covering our ALR lands.

This is not leadership.

This is corruption, greed, short-sightedness, ignorance and the most shameful government policies I’ve seen in my life.

If you still support the BC Liberal Party’s rejection of science, you are as foolish and ignorant as they are.

The Los Angeles Times reported California’s three largest reservoirs are at roughly 30 percent capacity. Other reservoirs are doing better — far better than the statewide average of 41 percent in 1997, when a devastating drought struck the state, said Ted Thomas, spokesman for the California Department of Water Resources.

As of last week Lake Oroville, one of California’s largest reservoirs, was at only 32 percent of its capacity. That’s pretty close to a record low.

The pairs of photographs below show the stark difference at Lake Oroville between 2011 and 2014.


California’s drought: What losing 63 trillion gallons of water looks like – The Washington Post.

Russell Brand Re-Spins Stephen Harper, Expertly

Politics, Re-Spun hereby bestows honourary Canadian and Politics, Re-Spun citizenship upon Russell Brand for his precise and effective re-spinning of Steve Harper and his soft fascist, neo-conservative manipulation of most of last week.

And we all need to think more carefully about “convenient murders.”

His new passport is in the mail.

Ottawa Killings: Who Wins? Russell Brand The Trews (E174) – YouTube.

De-Spinning the Political and Re-Spinning it for Social, Economic and Political Justice