The Saudis, oil, and re-electing w.Caesar

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Saudis urge OPEC to hike oil output: Oil minister seeks 1.5-million-barrel-a-day rise

So I saw Bob Woodward talking with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. Of the many astounding things they discussed about w.Caesar, one stuck in my mind: how w.Caesar’s buddy, Saudi ambassador to the USA, Prince Bandar [good friend of the Bush family for 3 decades], would ensure the Saudis increased the daily output of oil in time to reduce gas prices to spur the economy leading up to the US presidential election in November 2004.

It will be fascinating to watch the state of gas prices over the next 6 months, especially if the 1.5+ million barrels/day increase happens.

God bless America, and their Saudi financiers. What 9/11 hijackers? Huh?

[[[addendum 05.11.04: this Tom Toles cartoon: ]]]


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