Who ISN’T Iraq’s New Interim President?

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Perhaps it’s a function of Al-Jezeera being Al-Jezeera, or perhaps it’s just a diction or a translation issue, but in today’s Al-Jezeera story about who actually is the Iraqi interim president–Sunni Muslim tribal chief Ghazi al-Yawir, it’s instructive to note two items about w.Caesar’s reputed choice–Adnan Pachachi.

The first point is the use of the word “accused”: “In a press conference, Pachachi explained that he declined the offer of the post of Iraq’s interim president after he was accused of being the candidate of the United States.” [my emphasis] It would be interesting to see if in the original press conference he actually gave off the vibe that such an accusation felt like he was charged with knocking over a 7-11. That’s how it reads in English anyway.

Pachachi continued, “It is a lie…that the Coalition Provisional Authority wanted to impose me as president.” [my emphasis again] “Impose” sure sounds heavy-handed. So maybe Pachachi was wise to avoid appearing to be w.Caesar’s lapdog in an occupied country that now actually has a slightly improved chance of being authentically self-determining now that there’s a Sunni President along with a Kurd and a Shia holding vice-president posts in the new federalism.

Another report provides some background about why Pachachi–who is 81 years old–may be avoiding the job: “Pachachi came from a family that produced several top politicians over the past 50 years but has no power base in Iraq after more than 30 years in exile in the United Arab Emirates. His ties to the Americans did not help his standing among Iraqis frustrated by and distrustful of the occupation.”

But then again, Pachachi was critical of w.Caesar’s Fallujah debacle. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut on that one.

Not Adnan Pachachi:


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