Lamenting the Lack of a Black and White World

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I guess I should shut up about the depravity of CanWest’s media near-monopoly that undermines the free press in Vancouver. The Courier spent a good time slamming the Sun and Province for running identical pictures of Karla Homolka, as well as a number of other vapid idiocies in the Sun.

This kind of serious criticism is essential in a free press environment. Independent papers must stand up and assault the stranglehold of thought threatened by a media oligopoly. It’s bad enough to be cynical about CanWest’s share in MetroNews as it attempts to grab Sun and Province readers with its weekday free paper. Ah, thank god for the Courier.

Oh wait, on the Courier‘s masthead they admit to being a part of the CanWest group. Curses. Foiled again.

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