More Sensational Fearmongering: Province-Style!

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Perhaps it’s because my 5 day old daughter is on my lap right now, but I can’t help but be further disgusted by the irresponsible bastardization of journalism being malpracticed at The Province newspaper.

“Toddler Shot Dead for Crying” is pretty far from even an attempt at a subtle nod towards propriety. It makes me think that in some sleepy suburb around Vancouver, mom or pop just couldn’t handle it anymore and decided to cure colic the ultimate way. And while “School Hostage Drama” technically exists above the sensational headline, it is not as visible 10-30 feet away from the newspaper boxes.

But in an even more cynical twist, after scaring the meconium out of us with a tale of “we’re becoming just like them gun-slinging Americans,” we get to see a nice piece of military hardware below designed to appease us into a new sense of security courtesy of the military industrial complex. Those terrorists can murder our crying babies, but at least we have armoured personnel carriers to protect our homes from ruffians and thugs who use the Skytrain to invade our neighbourhoods.

Scare us, then shove weaponry in our face to appease our fear. It’s a good way to keep us insecure. Don’t give in.

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