Longing for Ideologically Vacant Politicians?

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I was quite shocked by Marshall Norgan’s letter to the editor [Vancouver Courier, see below] regarding Vancouver city council’s decision to not let the vomitous dog Wall-Mart into our city. He is dismayed that Vancouver city councillors Louis and Roberts “don’t seem able to separate their personal ideology and agenda from their public position.”

Does Mr. Norgan wish politicians to be completely free of the burden of personal ideologies and agendas? Would such morally and philosophically vacant politicians please Mr. Norgan with their utter inability to form opinions, preferences or goals for society?

As Mr. Norgan “anxiously await[s] the next election,” I wish him well in trying to vote for candidates who show no sign of ideology whatsoever. Perhaps he’ll get sucked in by the “Non-Partisan Association” whose name seems to suggest they have no ideologies when they clearly do.

To the editor:

Re: “COPE council delivers ‘stunning’ blow to big box giant,” July 3.

I am so disappointed with our city council and specifically councillors Tim Louis and Anne Roberts. They don’t seem able to separate their personal ideology and agenda from their public position.

Tim Louis bringing up Wal-Mart’s support of the Bush campaign is just embarrassing on so many levels. I’m certainly not a fan of Bush but honestly, where does Mr. Louis think he is sitting? He consistently brings up world events and even dead foreign revolutionary leaders to justify his actions on a civic council. It’s pathetic to be honest.

It’s all been fun and games with this circus group but to the everyday working person who actually needs to stick to a budget in order to afford the high living costs of Vancouver, I can tell you I will now have to continue to find a way to get to North Van’s Wal-Mart to pinch my pennies so that I can pay my taxes to keep Mr. Louis in his privileged job.

In my opinion, this council has had its day. I anxiously await the next election.

Marshall Norgan, Vancouver

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