Prime Minister George W. Harper

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Prime Sinister Stephen Harper is modelling his regime closely to the arrogant, unaccountability of George w.Caesar’s Republican soft fascism. Harper’s inaccessibility, rejection of accountability [Shapiro], and rejection of criticism of Emerson’s democracy-flaunting self-serving floor cross are becoming eerily reminiscent of White House stonewalling.

Now, we have more w.Caesar rhetoric: Harper, strolling through Afghanistan, says Canada won’t cut and run from our responsibilities there. Cut and run is a particularly annoying rhetorical slag. Republicans use it in the United States to impugn the patriotism of opponents who criticize the government for not having an exit strategy for Iraq. To suggest leaving is to cut and run, suggesting cowardliness.

How long before Canadians see Harper for his Republican-North style. I’m certainly not hearing it from the media yet.

Harper says opposition support needed on deployment


Kabul — Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned Afghani President Harmid Karzai Tuesday that this government’s desire to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan can’t be guaranteed if opposition parties resist.

Mr. Harper delivered the concern to Mr. Karzai one day after telling Canadian troops in Kandahar that he would not “cut and run” from the mission.

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