Canadians: Far More Than Global Warming Victims

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“A much anticipated and some say definitive report on global warming is due to come out of Paris tomorrow. What could this mean for our country, our province, our future?”

This is what I heard tonight, February 1, 2007, on CTV promoting the 600pm news on February 2nd. They are refering to the UN’s release of nearly conclusive evidence that humans are a significant source of global warming.

“Some say” suggests a large number of people, but “some” is less than “many”. And “some” suggests less than half. “Most” would be more than half.

Since the science is supported by a virtual consensus of scientists not funded by the fossil fuel industries, I’d say that is more than “some”.

What could this mean for our country, province and future? I think the whole problem with how most of “us” deal with “some” who think the report is definitive is that it’s all about us. Bangladesh will likely largely go under water like much of many Oceania countries. Or would that be “some” of Bangladesh…

The focus on us is the problem: Canadians, OECD-world folks, us inhabitants of the industrialized rich world, and the comprador rich of the majority world. We can afford to move somewhere if our bioregion changes too much. Most people [not some] will be victims of global warming without the means to easily find a healthier climate.

And since “we” are by far more responsible for global warming than the majority world, I get a little tired of “us” talking about how this all may affect “us.” it’s time to wake up to the rest of the world and see how we’re abusing it all. Then we need to admit [to ourselves and the rest of the world] our complicity and guilt and scrub the whole Gateway Program…just as a start. If we think we really need to twin the Port Mann Bridge for more auto traffic, our worship of personal liberties is becoming homocidal. Getting rid of your car will help too. It’s going to take far more than just putting on a sweater, Mr. Gore.

And in watching the news since the Paris release, watching the person-on-the-street interviews, we have a long way to go. My favorite idea to help the environment was that someone said they recycle. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycle is the residual LAST thing to do after we reduce our consumption [especially resource hogs in the industrialized world like us] and reuse far more than we do. And when I was writing about it being in our own best interest to not embrace a drastic reduction in standard of living to make up for our [the industriazlied world] great responsibility for global warming, to avoid a significant critique of our own system, we say that we recycle.

How completely inadequate.

The truth is not inconvenient for us. It is utterly damning and when CTV news continues to say “some” think this is a definitive report, we have still a long way to go.

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