Time to Close Your North Shore Credit Union Account

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A credit union whose board of directors includes a provincial Liberal candidate donated $7,500 to the party on December 29, 2008. But the credit union’s president said earlier this month that contribution had nothing to do with Naomi Yamamoto’s bid to keep North Vancouver-Lonsdale in the party’s hands.

via Public Eye Online – Credit union check.

I always–I suppose naively–thought credit unions were more progressive than banks because they were co-ops. But exclusive Manhatten co-ops for the hyper-rich and famous are co-ops too.

And while clearly some credit unions are very progressive, North Shore Credit Union donated to the Liberals just in the nick of time at the end of 2008, well after one of its board members expressed interest in the North Vancouver-Lonsdale riding nomination. I’m sure with the Liberals’ top-down candidate anointing process, securing a donation from a credit union would help someone land a nomination.

Visit and read the link above to see the truly lame explanation for why there’s no funny business going on.

At any rate, if you do business with North Shore Credit Union and dislike the Liberals, why allow your money to be indirectly donated to the Campbell junta? Close your accounts and make your money work for a progressive cause at another credit union.

As it is, the credit union claimed that global economic carnage inspired their donation. Too bad they’re blind to the domestic carnage the Liberals have been responsible for.

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