Blair Lekstrom: Even Less Principled Than We Thought

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Once upon a time, Blair Lekstrom quit the BC Liberal cabinet and caucus not so much because he disagreed with the HST, but because lots of people in his riding would fire him if he continued drinking the Kool-Aid.

Now we find out that–SHOCK–the Conservative MP up in the Peace is not running for re-election again [see below].

How much would you be willing to bet against:

  1. Blair Lekstrom knowing weeks ago that Jay Hill was not going to run again,
  2. Blair Lekstrom will seek the federal Conservative nomination in that riding,
  3. Jay Hill waited this long after Lekstrom’s resignation to keep it from looking as painfully obvious as this.

After 22 years in federal politics, The Honourable Jay Hill, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, British Columbia, and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, announced today that he will not seek re-election

via HillWatch (Jay, that is): Government House Leader “will not seek re-election” – Inside Politics.

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3 thoughts on “Blair Lekstrom: Even Less Principled Than We Thought”

  1. Hey, interesting news. I only learned earlier today of Hill’s planned departure. Thanks for putting the pieces together, though it hurts to realize how obvious it was and yet one didn’t see it coming.

  2. i hate hindsight. though some were speculating on a Lekstrom move to federal politics when he resigned, but the idea stalled because Hill is an institution.

    and note that Lekstrom didn’t actually oppose the HST, just “process” stuff. this kept him from burning bridges with the federal HST legislators.

    slick move.

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