Harper is Testing A New Tax Cut Ad Campaign: Boo!

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It is fitting that during Halloween, the Harper Reform/Alliance/Conservative government of “Canada” is test driving its new ad campaign on how awesome tax cuts are. Perhaps they’re gearing up for an election by making sure their messaging is juicy, particularly with Gordon Campbell’s announcement last week of a…15% tax cut!

The government contracted Angus Reid Forum to survey 400 people over the last few days to show the love. And they’re paying for it. Most Reid surveys pay $1.00. This one paid $2.50.

Here is a print ad mock-up and below are three 30 second video mock-ups of ads embarking on the love-in about how awesome tax cuts are. The third commercial mock-up is particularly galling because it suggests tax cuts are for everyone, when we really know that tax cuts are really, truly, spectacularly awesome for the rich, while they deprive them and everyone else of necessary government services like education, health care and clean water…and about 900 other things.

The follow-up questions were all about whether it was clear to me that the messages taught me something about being a good, law-abiding citizen by filing on time, as well as filing electronically and taking advantage of tax credits that are geared for the richer half of the country.

But one of the questions that continued to show up was about whether I got the message from the broad demographic examples in the ads that tax cuts are for everyone. That, my critical thinking, re-spinning friends, is the irrational desired message: that we all get tax cuts.


Most of us get screwed with a further defunded government. So if you end up seeing print and TV ads extolling the juicy love juice of tax cuts that the Conservatives have injected into our eyeballs, get irate and write a letter to the editor, or me, about why tax cuts assert the high morality of greed and neglect of our fellow human beings and environment.


Here are the first two videos, which are just annoying, tax cuts are all about us!



And here is the third video which is quite repulsive because it starts with the lie that tax cuts are for everyone:


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