BC 2011 Municipal Election Twitter Hashtags

-- Download BC 2011 Municipal Election Twitter Hashtags as PDF --

BC’s next municipal election is just under 7 months away: Saturday, November 19, 2011.

Below are Twitter hashtags for municipalities and political issues in BC. Please send in other municipal/political hashtags and I’ll update this list.

And let’s work up a BC municipal election 2011 hashtag. Something like #BCMunicipalElection2011. 🙂

Or maybe #BCmuni11, etc.

Or maybe #bcLGE11, because not everyone is in a municipality. And it’s one character shorter.

#BCpoli – BC Politics


#COPE – Coalition of Progressive Electors political party in Vancouver


#YDQ – Dawson Creek

#YYE – Fort Nelson

#YXJ – Fort St. John






#PrinceGeorge – but wouldn’t something like #pgbc work too/better?



#Vanpoli- Vancouver politics

#Vanelxn – Vancouver election


#VoteSCC – Surrey Civic Coalition

#VoteVision – Vision Vancouver political party

#YYJ – Victoria

#YYJpoli – Victoria politics

#YYJvote – Victoria’s municipal election

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