Tory, PC, Harper, Conservative, Alliance, or Reform Majority?

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I know what’s in a name. Soon, everyone will.

We’ll have a long time with this new Harper Government. Bets are now on in terms of what he’ll name the Government of Canada this time. He’s tried “Canada’s New Government” and “The Harper Government” already.

But when I read analysis of the election results, it is clear that there is no consensus on who won the majority:

Now that the federal Conservatives have regained a majority government, it seems inconceivable that they had but two seats not quite one generation ago.

Give the Tories credit for climbing back to majority status after being reduced to a party of two in the 1993 post-Mulroney collapse.

via North Island Gazette – Questions for the majority.

The government is now run by the Conservative Party of Canada. It is really the Harper Party, but what is that? It is not the Progressive Conservative Party made up of Red Tories and neoliberals from 20 years ago.

The two seats from a generation ago were from that Progressive Conservative Party.

The Tories, as a group, go back centuries and seemed to be carried through the PCs through the 20th century, but the current Consevative Party is really the PCs taken over by the the Reform Party, or the Alliance Party.

Who’s on first?


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