Enbridge Gateway JRP Hearings Broadcast (Kitimat/Kitamaat) – January 10, 2011

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My name is Tia!
I’m a radical, eco-terrorist, and enemy of the state now! Whee! (This is almost as random as the people Harper appointed to the senate the other day, and makes just as much sense.) Due to my fervent opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, I can now add these spiffy new titles below my name on my resume. Thanks, Joe Oliver!

Like all dangerous radicals, I got up this morning and walked my kids to school, spent thirty minutes on the rowing machine, walked the dog, cooked dinner, and wrote a paper about…acurate accounting ledgers as they pertain to trust accounts. (Clearly, this is a confession of my treacherous and treasonous plot to take over the accounting for  the mysterious foreign entities that are paying me to be a turn coat. Muahahaha! All your balance sheets belong to me!)

Now that it’s clear that I’m a regular Ethel Rosenberg in a toque and red 2010 Olympic mittens, we can get on with it.


Joe? Ezra? Harpy? I hate to disappoint guys, but I’m sequestered in the gulag of Winnipeg for the winter, and am unable to fly home to Kitimat to join in on the Northern Gateway hearings. This makes me sad, since the Joint Review Panel kicks off mere hours from now.

Everyone else – if YOU are in the Skeena region tomorrow (10 January, 2011), and have the time and ability to attend these important hearings, please do. The JRP review will take place in the beautiful Kitamaat Village (getting there is certainly one of the most picturesque drives in Northern BC) at the recreation centre, located at 1538 Jassee, starting at 0900h.

Your presence and support (if nothing but to be present and witness what goes on) WILL make a difference. All levels of government need to know that British Columbians do not need/want this future epic disaster.  They want NIMBY? Give them the most NIMBY show of opposition they’ve ever imagined!

To be certain, Big Oil and the Cons will have their people there too, ready to manufacture dissent and light emotional fires.  Do not feed the trolls.

If you, like me, are unable to physically attend (my seditious activity will be limited by geography, but I will be there in spirit), you will be able to listen in to a broadcast of the hearings on the web.  There will also be media (likely mainstream) present, and they will be recording the event for publication (providing the panel does not elect to change the current media provisions that are in place). I have been unable to ascertain if there will be any live streaming video of the proceedings as of 2200h CST. Should I find out more about this aspect, I will update with links.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some whackaloon activist things to get going on tonight, like washing the dishes and paying the cable bill.


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Tia is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and covered in a crunchy candy coating of genuine British Columbian snark. She is currently exiled to Winnipeg for an unknown duration of time.

5 thoughts on “Enbridge Gateway JRP Hearings Broadcast (Kitimat/Kitamaat) – January 10, 2011”

  1. Ah ha! I too walked the dog and cooked dinner today, though I left the dishes to one of my minions. Oh, and I too oppose Northern Gateway to the depths of my soul.

    I wish I could attend in Kitmat. Alas I’m not near and even as a super-villain I can’t take the time off work.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post. If ever we have opportunity for collusion … perhaps we could get the laundry done too! Muahahaha!

  2. Enbridge has had over 800 oil spills. 78% of Canadians oppose this project (based on CBC and Van. Sun public polls)
    Big Oil is banding together to try to force this pipeline. Canada is standing up to save their country. May these “Private profit / public liabilities be the catalyst that gets Canadians out of their seats and defending their country. If there is a scrap of democracy left in Canada, this Koch owned Northern Gateway / Keystone XL will never be more than talk.

  3. I just finished the dishes….maybe we should think about how more women understand the ultimate effects of all these pipelines and drilling and fracking and polluting…than men.
    Anyway, I am so glad to hear of Canadian resistence. With the Keystone XL I was wondering, where are the Canadian environmentalists?

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