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It’s really very simple. A front group for tarsands polluters is accusing opponents of being puppets of foreign interests. thinks only Canadians should be permitted to take part in the tarsands climate debate, which would exclude anyone or any group involving foreign resources or money.

An organization called has attacked “foreigners and their puppets” who oppose the Northern Gateway pipeline, and may have found a sympathetic ear in Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The website, based in Toronto, features a number of articles criticizing the presence of “foreigners” and “rich Americans” at the impending hearings into the pipeline.

via attacks ‘foreigners and their puppets’ questioning Northern Gateway pipeline :: The Hook.

Such blatant hypocrisy comes from how the global corporations that are trying to develop the tarsands have a cornucopia of foreign ownership.

If there were an actually wholly-owned Canadian oil development company working on tarsands development, please let me know.

On the flipside, the tarsands development, the largest development project currently on planet Earth, will miserably affect the global climate. That means all 7 billion people deserve to have a voice in the debate about whether we should leave it all in the ground.

Hypocrisy is a sign of desperation.

We need to recognize that even though the global corporations have their comprador government in Ottawa, they are not feeling good about winning this one.

We need to step up our truth-telling about the environmental, social, economic and political destruction of the tarsands.

We need to talk about investing money and jobs into post-carbon energy development.

We need to find allies in groups already fighting the destructive policies and build the movement.

A great place to start is with the Council of Canadians’ anti-tarsands campaign.

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  1. I’m growing weary of and their poorly executed finger pointing campaign. It truely does smell of desparation and fear. I suppose it’s easy to be elevated to this level of hypocricy when you’ve already sold your soul for 15 minutes of fame and a book deal.

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