Gentleman! Step Up and Reclaim Your Wife! Pesky Newborns Be Damned!

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That’s all you are, women.

The personal property of men.

If you dare to turn your attention to something as trivial as…a newborn baby?


Your breasts are ALL his. All.

Stick some plastic in that kid’s cry-hole, STAT! Then get back to doing what you do best: being a walking pair of tits, for titillation.

Men, if she dares to try to use her breasts for functional purposes, stop her. RECLAIM her. Those are your jugs.  You shouldn’t have to share your property with a screaming, red, angry sausage.


If you found that offensive, in any way? Good.
Enter an infant bottle manufacturing company called Bittylab.

Earlier tonight, Bittylab’s  Twitter page was using these premises for what can only be seen as a misguided, misogynistic, offensive and ill-advised social media marketing campaign.

OFFENDING TWEET 1: @bittylab – New baby? Reclaim your wife. Meet BARE air-free #babybottles

OFFENDING TWEET 2: @bittylab – Your newborn takes up all of mommy’s time? Meet BARE #air-free babybottles #breastfeeding

Is there any other way to interpret these Tweets? Not really. The implications are crystal clear. Women are property. They are owned. The baby is getting in the way, and must be stopped. Breastfeeding is a nuisance.

This ranks  as one of the most asinine, inflammatory things I’ve ever seen on social media in a marketing campaign to date. Maybe, if this was a one-off, badly thought out Tweet, I could turn a blind eye.  However, the feed goes on, and on, and on. These statements were made repeatedly. Ad nauseum. Someone at this company believes this is a great idea.

It’s not.

Tell them so.


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4 thoughts on “Gentleman! Step Up and Reclaim Your Wife! Pesky Newborns Be Damned!”

    1. Hi Sarah,

      We can certainly appreciate your desire not to continue the ridiculous marketing campaign. While, inevitably, comment on a ridiculous marketing campaign does to some degree further the campaign itself, we don’t feel that deleting our post is the best way to highlight and comment on the issues at play.

      Importantly, we have to balance between highlighting and shaming misogynistic marketing narratives that flood modern marketing and communications and silently hoping that they will go away. Here, if we were to merely delete our post, as you’ve requested, the important effect of showing others the stupidity in the message – that women are ‘things’ that can be ‘claimed,’ or that a partner in a relationship can or should feel that a mother’s time is being ‘monopolized’ by an infant or newborn – would be negated completely.

      We don’t feel that deleting this post furthers our goal of attempting to refute, rebut, and change dominant misogynistic narratives. Indeed, shaming the company at the heart of this will hopefully make them think twice before they post a marketing campaign again.

      Thank you for your comments.

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