Stephen Harper’s Glowing Congratulations for Chavez’s Re-Election

-- Download Stephen Harper's Glowing Congratulations for Chavez's Re-Election as PDF --

Can you smell the indignation?

Note the lack of commentary from the prime minister or foreign affairs minister.

October 8, 2012 – The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs), today issued the following statement:

“Canada notes the orderly conduct of Venezuela’s presidential election.

“Yesterday’s vote demonstrates the commitment of the Venezuelan people to democracy.

“Canada will continue to work with Venezuelans and our partners throughout the region to promote our shared values in order to create a more secure and prosperous hemisphere.”

via Minister Ablonczy Statement on Venezuela’s Presidential Election.

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper’s Glowing Congratulations for Chavez’s Re-Election”

  1. I’m trying to play out in my head.. how that dreary, bitter, zombie statement was drafted and released by Stephen Harper, Ray Novak, John Baird, and an indoctrinated junior policy wank for spell checking, then sent to Ms Ablonnczy or a parliamentary office temp with access to a printer, the internet and a courier.

    Like.. did they do this as a team effort from various locations.. with scrambled official email.. or phones, on a busy day? Or did they get together for beers and policy wanking after they shut down Parliament and democracy for another day?

    What nonsensical spew ….. People supposedly representing a Canadian electorate, sending out their shallow, parochial and dim ideological hallucinations and fears. Complete – utter – doublespeak .. cryptic carping crap … SHAME !

    1. possibly more like harper/baird being upset at their guy losing. then they acknowledged that to destroy chavez they must keep ties open with the south, but only be commenting on the things that are silver linings for them. an election. democracy. the fact that there are allies in the south who share common vision with “canada” [well, them]. mind you, none of their allies are actually in power in the south. always looking for another pinochet, perhaps.


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