A Pinterest is Worth 1,000 Blogs

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OK, maybe not, but let’s try this.

I’ve been trying to figure out how Pinterest could complement this website. We’ve kicked it around and ended up speechless. Which is appropriate. See below.

I was asking the wrong question. And since I slid into Pinterest this week I can see that it is a silence generator. It’s an iconic language. It’s a place to let images wash over my axons and dendrites and pineal gland in a way to stimulate existence just like words, but without words.

So to fully embrace irony, I have now written a blog post about what Pinterest does for me.

And what better initial winding path in a field to meander along than steampunk:

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Stephen Elliott-Buckley is a husband, father, professor, speaker, consultant, former suburban Vancouver high school English and Social Studies teacher who changed careers because the BC Liberal Party has been working hard to ruin public education. He has various English and Political Science degrees and has been writing political, social and economic editorials since November 2002. Stephen is in Twitter, Miro and iTunes, and the email thing, and at his website, dgiVista.org.

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