What Does Adbusters Ask of You in 2013?

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From the people who suggested the modest idea of occupying Wall Street, Adbusters has sent out a new half dozen suggestions to fix the economic cancers of capitalism. Here’s my favourite, and it’s a little policy wonky:

#KICKITOVER – students at Harvard, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge could lead a charge against their neoclassical professors and catalyze a shift in the theoretical foundations of economic science.

via Adbusters Tactical Briefing #40 | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters.

If you know anything about the Chicago School’s Milton Friedman and the three decades of staunch neoliberalism that is destroying our societies, locally and globally, you know that politicians take their greed-based lead from academics in right wing universities and think tanks.

Taking a page from Canada’s Maple Spring last year, wouldn’t it be spectacular if, in defence of democracy and society over free markets and the greed of the 1%, students rose up and fixed their own right wing university incubators of social decay.

I’d certainly like to see that wash through the University of Calgary and SFU’s new, shiny right wing political science department.

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