When I close my eyes, and imagine all the terms that one could come up with to describe a 9 year old girl, the very last one on my list would be “cunt.”
In general, I would assume that most reasonable people would agree. There are fewer words as genderized, vulgar and riddled with hate.
While some feminists have strove to reclaim the label, it remains an extremely derogatory term.

Apparently, there is someone handling the social media for The Onion tonight that either:
a) doesn’t care
b) didn’t get the memo or
c)is willing to push the envelope for spin/media traction.

No. Bad. Fail.
Before it disappears off the face of the earth, take a gander at that. “Quvenzhane Wallis is kind of a cunt, right?”

I get that The Onion is satire. I understand that they exist only to push the limits of good taste and freedom of expression.
I am generally a fan of their ability to mock convention and the sacred cows of society just enough to elicit a hearty laugh.
This? Not okay.

This is Quvenzhane Wallis:

She is a child.
A  nine year-old child, who happens to have been nominated for a “Best Actress” Oscar this year.

…and according to The Onion, a “cunt.”

If, for any reason, you have the cognitively chosen to defend The Onion on this I’d love to hear the justification.

(Be prepared for me to eviscerate you if your reasoning is “First Amendment” based. I call bullshit.)

Points to ponder:

  • An adult, with a job, who broadcasts outside of a vacuum, decided it was acceptable to use this specific epithet in reference to a pre-pubescent child.
  • A  female child, who also happens to be black! (Imagine the media frenzy if a little blonde caucasian child were called this.)
  • It wouldn’t have been okay to call any woman a “cunt”, for what it is worth. It’s sexist and worthless as far as words go, and it is just that much more disgusting when aimed at a little kid.
  • By the time I got to this point in writing the article, the Tweet was removed. Someone over there in Onionland pulled it.
  • If you want to let it fly, you can ping The Onion on Twitter – @TheOnion
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