“None of my staff were involved in this, aside from creating it.”

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From the Legislature today:

On the ethnic outreach memo controversy:

The Premier has made a categorical assertion, not weeks ago, days ago, that this was not the case. Now, I appreciate that new information may come forward, and the Premier may feel she was incorrect a number of days ago. But that information clearly was wrong.

So what we need from the Premier today, I think, is at least an acceptance, an understanding that what was said, that the assertion that was made by the Premier that this did not involve her staff — it involved somebody else, but not the Premier’s office — was incorrect. Will the Premier confirm that today?

–– Adrian Dix, 2:03pm.

The Premier:

“I would ask the member to be careful to characterize what I said, which was that there is no evidence that I’m aware of that my staff was involved in this. As far as I know, my staff were only involved in creating it. That is what I said, and that remains true.”

–– Premier Christy Clark, March 4, 2:05pm.

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5 thoughts on ““None of my staff were involved in this, aside from creating it.””

  1. How can anyone be involved in a program that was never implemented? This post is nonsensical in its implication.

    1. Well, Scott, it’s a quote directly from Hansard. One paragraph after another.

      There’s no implication that I’m making, aside from what the quote itself makes.

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