Spin Alert: John Yap out of Cabinet and Under the Bus, What about Bloy? (Updated)

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Spin alert!

In the quiet part of the legislative day before question period called Statements by Members, normally reserved for constituency updates, Premier Christy Clark rose and announced that Minister John Yap, Minister for Advanced Education and Multiculturalism, will step aside pending the investigation into the “ethnic outreach” memo that has been shaking up the BC political scene as of late.

In his stead, Ralph Sultan, Minister of State for Seniors, will be Minister of Advanced Education as well.

But why?

John Yap was not Minister of Advanced Education and Multiculturalism when this memo was written, in late 2011.  Forcing him to step aside now is questionable, as he had no direct involvement in its development or the hiring of the outreach component of the plan.  However, he didn’t deal with it – obviously.

The Minister of Multiculturalism at the time? None other than Christy Clark’s only caucus supporter during the leadership contest – Harry Bloy.



Could it be that Clark’s spin plan here is to step the Minister aside, and then announce that he (and thus the government) had nothing to do with it?

There are other reports showing “multicultural strategy” on the daily agendas of Premier’s Office staff. Perhaps there’s someone else who should be stepping aside.

Here’s an update:

Clark says that according to the information that she had, none of her staff were involved in the ethnic outreach document, aside from creating it.

Clark also says that there is “no evidence that public money was spent” but that “it is possible.” She further says that most of the actions contemplated in the document were not implemented.

Further update:

The spin on Haakstad’s resignation, per Clark’s statements in the legislature today, is that she resigned “without severance.”

Anticipate swipes and spin following the line that when Dix was involved in a scandal under Glen Clark, he received severance.

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2 thoughts on “Spin Alert: John Yap out of Cabinet and Under the Bus, What about Bloy? (Updated)”

  1. To be honest with you, I’m happy there isn’t about to be a leadership contest instead of an election. Christy deserves to face the people and get a clear mandate to withdraw from politics completely.

  2. The perfect storm (way overdue) hitting the coast of Beautiful BC ..
    should also be sweeping over Alberta and Ottawa (Albertawa)

    The political farce of Christy Clark.. and her malfeasance
    equals the political farce of Stephen Harper..
    and his electoral fraud, muzzling of science n malfeasance

    May Canada at some time purge the rats
    and regain or re-earn its deserved international standing
    and our self image as Canadians

    The image that was paid and earned in blood
    in wars .. and our history

    For these glib cheats to so easily usurp and abuse it
    is un-Canadian… and as disgusting as they are

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