At The Squamish Nation Powwow This Weekend!

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Squamish Nation Pow Wow this weekend.
Enrich your understanding at the Squamish Nation Powwow this weekend.

In the quest for a better Canada, one that is more democratic, inclusive, consultative and less rejecting of science and climate change realities, it is important to reach out.

Sovereignty Summer is part of that movement, coming out of Idle No More, embracing a notion that a better Canada is one where we are all talking to each other more. A Canada where we proactively seek to fix the myths and prejudices that keep us apart.

Once we can clear away the fog of distraction, spin and outright lies, it becomes possible to look at what we need to do to make a better nation of nations.

One great way to do that is to immerse ourselves in other cultures. And in Vancouver this weekend, we have the fantastic opportunity of heading over the Lion’s Gate Bridge to take part in the Squamish Nation Powwow.

If you have never been to a powwow, you are in for a cultural experience that is both educational and extremely enjoyable and entertaining.

After visiting, you are bound to have a greater understanding of a key ally in working to make a better Canada for all of us!

Here are the details:

July 12 –14, 2013
Capilano Reserve Park Grounds
100 Mathias Road,
West Vancouver, BC

Grand Entry: Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 1pm and 7pm, Sunday at 1pm. Admission is $5.00. Family event that is open to the public.
Everyone welcome.Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs or anyone under the influence will be tolerated.

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