Climate Change Denial Affirmations

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The sky is not falling.
The sky is not falling.
  1. It’s just the end of this ice age.
  2. Extreme weather events are not related to each other.
  3. The climate is not a global system of feedback loops.
  4. Ecology is spin from tree-hugging, granola-eating hippies.
  5. Ice melts.
  6. The global insurance industry is only talking about climate change because it wants to profit from the hysteria with higher rates, so I’m buying shares in insurance companies.
  7. If it isn’t climate change, it’s the ozone layer, or saving the whales, or nuclear war, or the population bomb, or the oil crisis, or Y2K, or SARS, or H1N1.
  8. News reports aren’t linking extreme weather events to climate change, so it’s just a conspiracy theory to: kill Alberta’s economy, weaken the Canadian dollar, make me sell my cars.
  9. Which is it: global warming or climate change or the greenhouse effect?
  10. Scientists are not in complete agreement.
  11. Scientists who oppose the climate change “theory” are not all funded by carbon-based energy industries and Big Oil.
  12. Scientists can be objective regardless of who funds them.
  13. Exxon has paid the Exxon Valdez cleanup.
  14. Pipelines pretty much never leak.
  15. Oil platforms almost never blow up.
  16. If we go off carbon, we get more Fukushimas.
  17. Water, rivers, lakes are all a part of the hydrological cycle, so they clean themselves.
  18. Extreme weather events lead to richer communities as people take care of each other; governments can’t legislate that kind of charity and caring.
  19. Polar bears and penguins are good at adapting.
  20. I haven’t been in space myself, so I’m not sure the earth isn’t flat.
  21. We can use methane seeping from the tundra as an energy source so it just doesn’t go up there. This is why we need capitalist innovation and new creative technologies.
  22. Flood damage happens because people build homes on flood plains, not because of the climate.


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  1. Also very important:

    23. World still not fully in consensus if put here by evolution or God. Thereby all of these problems not necessarily apocalyptic, God may still have our back.

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