Can the BC NDP actually Think Forward?

Can the BC NDP actually Think Forward?

About 4 years ago, there was a movement within the BC NDP to make it more relevant. It was called Think Forward BC NDP. The party had just lost the election and there was some soul-searching about what went wrong and what was systemically broken in the party.

Well, it’s four years later. Deja vu. And almost four years ago I wrote a post with the same name. Sigh.

So here are some solutions this time around [strangely similar to last time]:

  1. First, read Matt Toner’s insightful piece in the today: Matt Toner: Let’s reboot the Old Democratic Party into something new for the 21st century.
  2. Then read the “principles” and “action” documents of Think Forward BC NDP, and ask yourself if the suggestions are as eerily relevant today as I think they are. Coincidentally, Matt Toner himself embodies #7 of the principles document.
  3. Then read the most relevant BC NDP document I’ve seen in decades, Sustainable BC, which itself could be a framework to rebuild the entire party. It’s short, direct, simple, elegant, realistic and inspiring, even.

And now that the party is actually asking for input about how it’s broken, the only question I’m hearing from party members is whether or not it will be a whitewash review or if, actually, everything is on the table. The cynicism about the sincerity, credibility and legitimacy of this review is profound. If everything is actually on the table, the 3 listed items above could be really useful about now. If not, who really cares?

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