New, Better Jobs Building a Green Energy Infrastructure

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Let’s go post-carbon and transform Big Carbon jobs into green jobs!

We are so addicted to carbon-based energy: oil, gas, coal, LNG plants, fracking, pipelines, tanker spills.

It gets so discouraging sometimes.

But something that the post-carbon energy infrastructure advocates are missing out on, I think, is promoting more of a response to Big Carbons squeal about job loss by keeping tarsands oil in the ground, etc.

Green energy requires an infrastructure. It requires land, capital and LABOUR to create and maintain it and evolve ourselves off of our Big Carbon addiction.

We can even transform lots of Big Carbon jobs into green jobs. After all, the skill sets involved in creating an energy infrastructure overlap between carbon and post-carbon.

And Mosaic, as a business initiative, is very intriguing to me. I like the model. I’m going to have to look more into it and others working to get Big Carbon out of the way. And so should you.

After all, we have passed 400ppm in GHGs, and if we are going to get back under 350, we need projects like this.

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3 thoughts on “New, Better Jobs Building a Green Energy Infrastructure”

  1. Too right…I contacted Mosaic, having looked at their site. Americans only, due to concerns about funneling dirty money into the system. I’d love to start something like this here in Canada. Perhaps I need to go talk to the local Credit Union or possibly some local folks who might have some money to invest and access to people who could verify the viability of projects.

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