It's the Economy, Stupid. [Or oil, or gas, or energy...]

” It’s the Economy, Stupid.” [Or oil, or gas, or energy...]

If you think you know why Syria is happening [and happening NOW], you’re probably missing a number of the elements at play. Don’t expect western governments or the corporate media to enumerate these.

Sure, chemical weapons are horrible, but so are cluster bombs [called weapons of mass destruction in slow motion], which the USA has not abandoned. So we need to pay some mind to that hypocrisy.

Wars aren’t usually wars for better human rights, ideals and democracy. They’re always or almost always about power [even the Crusades]. Power comes from access to energy and resources which can support a strong economy and a nation’s ability to influence others.

Here are a number of economic, resource and energy issues that involve Syria that we aren’t hearing much about. Many thanks to disinfo for the link to this very solid information:

Target is Still Iran: Clear Cutting the Middle East and the Coming Blood Bath (Mapping World War III)

  1. Introduction
  2. All the World’s a Stage
  3. Controlling Resources and the Middle East
  4. Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline and the South Pars Gas Field
  5. The Shia Crescent and the Levant
  6. Israel and Turkey and Supplying Europe With Energy
  7. Afterthoughts
  8. iReferences

What has been happening is the last few decades is the demonization of the Muslim world through war propaganda which “glorifies military indoctrination as the highest form of patriotism.” This was the tactic used after 911 in the buildup to the war with Afghanistan as well as the invasion of Iraq. Fortunately for all of us, this tactic has, up to this point, failed to work for Iran. However, that has not prevented Western governments from applying pressure and trying all means necessary to weaken Iran before the proposed strike.

The above maps clearly indicate the game at play; Iran is considered a threat to the American Empire and must be dealt with, irrelevant of the consequences, or so the hawks (2, 3) proposing this madness would like us to believe.

What will happen if citizens of the U.S. allow their government to continue to threaten sovereign nations in an attempt to obtain control of the world’s resources is anyone’s guess; however, it is safe to assume that this endeavor will be bloody and require nation building. The boundaries of countries were redrawn after World War I and World War II (1, 2), and that is exactly what the end result will be once the dust settles after this world war.

- from

chycho: Target is Still Iran: Clear Cutting the Middle East and the Coming Blood Bath (Mapping World War III).

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