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September 12, 2013

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is thankfully becoming less stigmatized due to increased awareness, but like most mental health issues, there stigma that prevents open discussion about mental health is profound. But I recall 2-3 decades ago it was far worse.

There are a few PTSD events that have come up recently that are related to Canada’s shameful neglect and mistreatment of Canadian Forces personnel and veterans suffering from PTSD.

  1. Kate MacEachern went on a long walk last year to raise awareness and funds for PTSD treatment. Wanting to do it again this year, it became incredibly controversial. It’s called The Long Way Home, for many reasons.
  2. Next month, Robin and Stewart are taking part in the Victoria Marathon to raise awareness and funds for treatment.

We are going to focus on PTSD, PTSD in the military, mental health and PTSD resources and networks over the coming weeks.

Kate, Robin, Stewart and everyone supporting them in each of their networks would appreciate your interest, open mind, emotional support, and even your money.


You can donate to Kate MacEachern’s Long Walk Home here.

You can donate to Robin and Stewart’s event here.

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