PTSD: No Room for Denial

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What if NO ONE knows your name?

Belonging? It’s pretty important. We don’t always have to go where EVERYone knows our name, but we do need to have people. People who know, understand and affirm us.

People with mental health issues, however, are often made to feel not so normal, which is a feeling that can get in the way of being known and understood.

Normalizing something that has been stigmatized and downplayed is hard.

I remember in the 1980s when Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope. Lots of people had little exposure to people with prosthetics. That changed pretty fast.

Kate, Robin and Stewart are helping us all get a better sense of how PTSD isn’t some obscure, terrifying condition that we should ignore, shy away from or deny.

Denial brings us nowhere, fast.

Kate MacEachern and The Long Way Home 

My favourite comment attached to Kate’s Facebook post below is this: “It’s all mind over matter Kate’s great mind= hill don’t matter.” That’s the spirit of confronting denial and changing attitudes!

Robin & Stewart’s Marathon for Veterans

Part of denial is social isolation. Part of growth is engaging with others in honest, affirming ways. Part of that process is celebrating together, to solidify growth. This means there needs to be some dancing!

Robin and Stewart’s Marathon for Veterans will be taking off for Victoria on October 12th, so before they leave, they are throwing a big bash to say thanks for all the support, and get some carbs in them… beer is a carb, right?
Come down to The Billy Bishop Legion Branch 176 for some great (cheap) beer, sweet live tunes, belly laughs, and only slight debauchery!
No cover.
Live music.
Cheap, Good Beer on Tap.
Good times.

Details are on the Facebook event page!

You can donate to Kate MacEachern’s Long Walk Home here. You can donate to Robin & Stewart’s Marathon for Veterans. – See more at:

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