PTSD: Transitions Are Weighty

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Kate MacEachern and The Long Way Home 

Photo: On our way! It's a long couple days until Oromocto and Fredericton, but we're set due to all the amazing people in Salisbury and Moncton. A HUGE thank you to Bucky and 2 CAV Dunkirk, Marc and Stephanie, Eric Goggins for the signage, all the veterans and citizens of Salisbury who sent us off today, and the New Brunswick Paramedics for their support and escort! We appreciate you all so much! Onward... Home.There is a kind of trauma when people leave chapters in their life: graduating, retiring, marriage, childbirth, death. It takes lots of time to adjust. And it takes a toll on one’s people.

And if someone does not have enough people in their support network, or they need extra support because of the nature of the transition or trauma, they can truly suffer.

The sign that you are walking on a good path is the sheer number of people who come out of nowhere to cover your back and express how they are moved by what you do.

That’s what Kate MacEachern is in now. I’m sure it helps the days go by faster!

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