Does Joe Clark have an idea about how to fix Canada?

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Joe Clark Visits UBC

Does Joe Clark have an idea about how to fix Canada? You better believe it!

  1. As Joe Clark travels around the country on his book tour, he’s meeting with students, academics, NGOs, non-state actors, community groups, business groups and all sorts of other people who want to join his process: convening space to talk about where Canada is now, and where it could/should be.

    And it’s clear that in an increasingly post-partisan world, Clark is the poster boy for being without a party, as the Reform Party merged, then destroyed his Progressive Conservative party. And with the increasingly hate-filled tone of partisan rhetoric in North America, being post-partisan has its benefits.

    Read below about Joe Clark’s visit to UBC 8 days ago, and see if his ideas resonate with you, as they do with me.
  2. He was great! @GraemeMenzies Good to see and hear my old boss the Rt Hon Joe Clark deliver at #UBC today. #howwelead
  3. Now is a good time for @RtHonJoeClark to weigh in on the disaster that Canada has become on the global stage. #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  4. What’s in the book, but maybe more importantly why did @RtHonJoeClark write it? #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  5. Why write the book? Canada in the world is more important in the future than it has been in the past. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  6. His book tour is about stimulating dialogue on how to fix the international mess Canada is in. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  7. Clark feels the #pmsh #cpc government has a limited view of Canada’s options in the world. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  8. Hearing a fascinating history of Canada’s foreign affairs posture. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  9. The internet brought down a global wall, just as the Berlin Wall came down. Interesting point. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  10. He is clearly unimpressed with the ability of #pmsh to be a diplomat. Seriously. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  11. We must accept non-state actors b/c they often have more influence on policy than many nations. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  12. What’s the next land mine issue that Canada can take the lead on? We should work w/ non-state actors. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  13. His book is to convene a national dialogue on where action is needed, possible & Canada can act. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  14. We need multi-lateral global venues to be engaged and heard. UN, Commonwealth, etc. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  15. What other countries are also good in working with non-state actors; we should work with them. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  16. Peacekeeping: underfunding, and now there’s more of a focus on the virile hard side of the military. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  17. Green papers and royal commissions have declined in Canada and that’s too bad. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC
  18. We can speak with one voice as a nation, credibly, because we are a diversity. @RtHonJoeClark #joeclark #cdnpoli #UBC


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