Enbridge: What Now? We Escalate Our Fight

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Embedded image permalinkSome breaking news occurred yesterday, the Joint Review Panel of the National Energy Board approved the Enbridge pipeline, but with 209 conditions. To quote a teenager from 1994: “Big whoop.” Also, big whoop goes out to the awesome pictures of soon to be decimated pristine wilderness on the report cover.

What do you think of the Enbridge approval and where things will go?

What do I think of the approval? Disappointed and hardly surprised. When Joe Oliver starts talking about something being “science-based,” I remember how his party has people who believe dinosaurs and humans walked the earth together. Then I remember that Joe Oliver called people who didn’t agree with the taxpayers “terrorists.”

That being said, we all knew this would happen.

As to where things will go? I don’t know. I shudder to think about what it will be like when the government and Enbridge try to steal the land of the First Nations yet again.

– Kevin

I think we will see protest and civil disobedience far greater than we’ve ever seen in BC. Environmental groups oppose it, as do civil and political groups. First Nations are largely against it.

Some, like the mistaken federal Green Party stance, don’t want the tarsands refined overseas, but here. Me? I think we need to leave it in the ground and get on with building a post-carbon energy infrastructure. If we dig it up and process it and burn it, climate change from our activities will ruin this century, on into the future.

96% of written submissions to the Joint Review Panel on the project opposed it. Likely, those arguments are some part of the 209 hoops to jump through. But the Conservative Party mantra is contempt. Not only did they change the terms of reference of the JRP to make its recommendation non-binding to cabinet, the Conservative Party has shown abject disdain for anyone else’s opinion because they were elected to an absolute mandate from a small minority of voters in our corrupt electoral system. This government has spent our tax dollars promoting the project to us. They aren’t about to drop it.

We will have to make them.

Jobs, jobs jobs! Better in the post-carbon energy infrastructure!

We includes real environmentalists, labour groups, most First Nations, political and civil society groups. Real people, on the ground. And people who aren’t short-sighted enough to know that in the long run, we can get off carbon energy and still operate as a society. There are more, better, more sustainable and longer-term jobs in building the post-carbon energy infrastructure [check out the 6 million jobs already in place in post-carbon energy, as well as the graphic here]. But we may no longer be able to ship formaldehyde and lead filled junk toys built in Chinese sweatshops/prisoncamps in huge container ships across the Pacific, but I’d be fine with that as an actual bonus.

– Stephen

And for a snapshot of the notions in the Twitter yesterday afternoon, bask in these:









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4 thoughts on “Enbridge: What Now? We Escalate Our Fight”

  1. My impression is that there are plenty of lifelong law-abiding ‘grey hairs’ in British Columbia ready to cross the line of civil disobedience to fight Enbridge, the Tar Sanders and their political minions to stop the Northern Gateway. Most of us don’t get out enough as it is and what a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people willing to take the consequences of doing what’s right.

  2. I wonder at what point the mass of citizens of this country will wake up to the crime and corruption that has characterized both the provincial and federal administrations. The jobs program is a distraction from the importation of hobbled labour, and most of the “infrastructure” that gets built is bank accounts for friends of the government. I just finished Laila Yuile’s piece on the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the Galloping Beaver’s comment on Seaspan building (or not) federal vessels with TFWs. The good part is that we might have to turn all those recreational drug users out of the prison system to make room for all the politicians whose myriad misdeeds will be up for reckoning, along with the ownership of pretty much all the press organs.

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