It’s mostly us.

Many of us have heard of the idea of planning policy to consider effects seven generations downline. We’re pretty smart. It shouldn’t be that hard. But we have many incentives to think short term. Sometimes so short that we are ignorantly and apathetically victimizing our descendants.

But I’m going to challenge you to embrace this ultimate new year’s resolution…

How high does a barrel of oil have to get before we embrace the reality of our future and do something before our apathy victimizes us all?

- via Canada22: Who Will We Be Over the Next 7 Generations?

“To decarbonize the energy system very deeply would require a scale of effort unlike anything seen almost anywhere in the world.”

via Dangerous Global Warming Closer Than You Think, Climate Scientists Say: Scientific American.

Let’s do it. Let’s leave it in the ground.

Let’s leave the tar sands in there, let’s also spend the next generation getting off the dangerous nuclear power. Remember Fukushima?

Let’s use our expensive, peak oil carbon energy to build a post-carbon energy infrastructure. Let’s create our future energy out of renewable sources like geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind.

Let’s embrace high speed rail, mothball the airplanes, explore dirigibles, wean ourselves off of international trade requiring massive gas guzzling container ships.

Let’s add greenhouse gases to the market prices, instead of naively relegating it to an externality that is just [sniff] too hard for our weak-ass brains [sniff] to calculate.

Let’s start next week.

Let’s make 2014 the year we seriously begin to decarbonize. And if any politician or business “leader” or pundit or carbon-funded “scientist” tries to convince us that tarsands and liquid natural gas and coal and using food to fuel our cars is a good choice, we need to confront them and remove them from their office.

I know you want to lose 10 pounds and exercise more. That’s great too.

But that won’t do much when we are eroding the interconnected systems that keep our world sustainable.

Here’s a good place to start:

Join us! I dare you.

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