How to Spot a Good Journalist

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It’s getting harder and harder, what with constant corporate media concentration, and corporatist convergence of messaging from right wing governments and their informal corporate media PR departments.

But everyone once in a while we see evidence that there is a growing number of journalists who exist with integrity and can demonstrate meaningful contribution to society:


So let’s add Carly Weeks to the short list of good journalists in Canada.

The trick here, of course, is to make sure that journalists who appear to actually understand their role by tweeting a manifesto statement like this, actually are able to perform it. When Carly Weeks shows in this tweet that she gets it, it’s our job to make sure she is able to keep reporting up to that standard.

And when we see good journalism, we should amplify it. And when we see them drop the ball, we should offer constructive criticism.

The huge unknown unknown, however, rests in this question. If corporate media weren’t interested in profit-maximizing and sensationalism to pad ad revenues, and pushing policies of pro-corporate politicians, how much better could all the good journalists be; and how good could the bad journalists actually be.

Until we can get the profit motive out of journalism, we should amplify the media that is not so biased by greed.

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