Is Your Boss Sexist?

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My very first job was at a pizza restaurant. I think it was common in those days to insist, on pain of firing, that workers don’t talk to each other about their wages.

I didn’t see that as sexist, necessarily, but just as a way for the employer to not be caught paying some people more than others.

Over time, it became clear that work was gendered. Boys made pizza, girls made pasta. Were pay rates also gendered? Possibly.

If you think the women in your life are not treated equally in workplaces, you are not paranoid. Enjoy the infographic detailing the nature of how employers oppress women, with US-focused data.

If you knew about all the content on this chart, congratulations, you’re well positioned to pursue human rights!

And if you’re an enterprising Canada with graphic design skills, you could probably put a similar piece together, garnished with plenty of maple leaves and beavers.

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One thought on “Is Your Boss Sexist?”

  1. Sexism is so prevalent people don’t even realise they’re being influenced.

    Blatantly sexist companies are definitely harmful, but even more destructive are companies that subtly promote sexism, and food companies seem to be the worst.

    Ragu got into trouble a couple of years ago when they disrespected men, and the men went on twitter and Facebook enraged and called them out. Chef Boyardee apologised and life went back to normal for Ragu.

    When woman are insulted, outrage like that rarely seems to happen anymore.

    This company for example, GoldSeal happily depicts only women in housekeeping roles like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and raising kids. There isn’t a man on the entire site taking care of his family.

    Women seem to love the site, and it’s been online for years, but no one seems to mind that the company, which is huge, sends a 1960’s message of, “A woman’s place is in the home, barefoot and pregnant.”

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