The NHL Gladiator Pimps

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Risking player’s brain trauma for profit makes the NHL a gladiator pimp organization.

At some point, as estimates continue to roll in, the NHL accountants and lawyers will realize that reducing concussion risk in the NHL will make the league more profitable. The NHLPA needs to do a better job advocating for the health of its membership.

That will get me watching again, and my kids.

And that may be the only thing, aggravated by class action lawsuits, that get the game safer for players. Oh and the CBC getting rid of Don Cherry.

Here’s information from a recent study [emphasis is mine]:

Head and neck injuries, such as concussions, were the second most likely to occur and resulted in an average of 11 missed games, the most of any injury. Head and neck trauma was also the most expensive in terms of lost salaries, at $353,300 per player hurt.

Time lost to concussions alone accounted for $42.8 million each year.

Over the three seasons, players sustained 323 concussions or suspected concussions, accounting for a total of $128.5 million in salaries for missed games. More than 10 per cent of those brain injuries or suspected brain injuries resulted in more than 30 missed regular season games.

Injuries cost NHL teams $218 million a year in lost salaries: study.

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