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A member of the RCMP protective detail tries to remove a protester rushes the the stage as Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks a the Vancouver, Board of Trade in downtown Vancouver, B.C. Monday, Jan. 6, 2014. (JONATHAN HAYWARD/THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Sean Devlin, of, had the temerity to interact with our employee, Mr. Stephen Harper.

Yesterday, we saw a new level of action against climate destruction policy. In the style of co-conspirator Brigette DePape, two protesters crashed Harper’s contemptuous public appearance. Harper holds the media and the general public of the nation of Canada in open contempt: he won’t talk with the press except under extraordinarily tightly controlled circumstances, and he actively avoids any opportunity to mingle with his 35 million employers. He must think we’re stupid or dirty.

Even at the event at Vancouver’s Board of Trade yesterday, only the board president was permitted to ask our employee, Mr. Harper, any questions, despite a room full of people, including Kim Campbell. I wonder what she thinks of his contempt of his employers.

“If we have to put on an apron to get our message heard, and get those voices heard, that’s what we’re going to do.” – Sean Devlin

Here’s how it went down.

Bear in mind, almost immediately the media shifted away from the message content of their protest regarding climate justice, to the nature of the protest and the failure of security to “protect” the prime minister from his employers. Thank you, corporate media.

And by the end of the day, the corporate media meme had shifted to whether the protesters could have been dangerous. Again, an actual story itself regarding the security of a prime minister who does almost everything he can to not interact with citizens or the media, but not the story here, about climate justice.

So the corporate media spin was alive and well, turning a climate change issue into an issue of the security of our employee, a man who holds most of us in great disdain. Read the details here and enjoy the raw video as well. Note in the raw video, how the security person, another employee of the Canadian people, didn’t do much to make sure Sean Devlin didn’t have a rough ride off the stage.

Two climate change activists managed to sneak up behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday just as he was getting ready to start a question and answer session at the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Sean Devlin and Shireen Soofi succeeded in getting past the prime minister’s security detail and onto the stage where Harper was sitting to protest his government’s climate change policies.

Devlin stood behind Harper holding a sign that read “Climate Justice Now.”

Soofi held up a sign saying “The Conservatives Take Climate Change Seriously,” with the sentence crossed out.

Climate change activists disrupt Stephen Harper event – Politics – CBC News.

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