Jesse Ventura Is On Our Side On Racist Team Names

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More support for changing the name of the NFL team in Washington comes from Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Yesterday, I wrote about how incredibly easy it would be to change the racist name of any kind of team. It’s really not that hard. Imagine the reverse, though. Imagine changing the Vancouver “Canucks” to the Vancouver “Insert racist slur here.” Somewhat inconceivable, so it should be easy to do the reverse, and fix the Washington NFL team name, as well as the other racist team names.

Now, hear how Jesse Ventura puts it:


Just as the N word reminds people of slavery, the R word reminds the Native Americans of a time when they were abused, mistreated, and afraid for their very lives. And yes, if you know your history, both slavery and the persecution of the Native Americans took place during the same time period. 

It didn’t matter if they learned how to read or how to write or how to speak in perfect English. It didn’t matter if they dressed “appropriately” and held down businesses. It didn’t matter if they paid taxes. They were R*dskins. Their race was seen as inferior.

So the next time someone wants to honor the Native American people in the NFL, maybe the NFL should consult some tribal leaders first instead of slapping a racial slur across every helmet and jersey.

Racism in the NFL | Off the Grid.

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