Mr. Harper: Pathetic Media Flop

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24 seven

The contempt that our employee, Mr. Harper, holds for his 36 million employers is palpable. Sometimes it’s just goofy. He’s taken to skirting the “real” media, whom he despises, to becoming his own media, like bloggers or vloggers. Watch, and let’s examine how pathetic an employee he is:

  1. There are 36 million Canadians and barely 300/day have watched this week’s instalment of his attempt to be his own media. By shunning the actual media whose job it is to report on the political despot, his contempt is consistent.
  2. Only 75 people have bothered to view the French version. Shock!
  3. His Youtube video doesn’t allow comments. Can’t have actual engagement, don’t you know!
  4. His video starts with Monty Python theme music, attempting to establish the pomp of his office. Along with a photo of him getting into his James Bond car, which is part of the entourage of cars that never turn off their engines while our employee is inside a building at a meeting, just in case he has to bolt for a quick getaway from the media or KAOS.
  5. Then he begins rambling about Flag Day. With that sheepish grin he puts on when he’s uncomfortable. Flag Day. I suppose there are no more pressing topics in the nation, like the BUDGET from a few days earlier. Don’t get me wrong. Icons matter. As does the idea of giving the flag to Sarah Burke’s family, whose neglect by corporate sponsors was despicable. But the ghoulish element of our employee, Mr. Harper’s, video this week was to align himself politically with the death of a great Canadian athlete and role model, during the Winter Olympics.
  6. And he said “uh” 16 times and started mumbling and getting quiet at the end. That would keep him out of getting an A in a high school public speaking assignment. Just saying. World leader and all that, eh.

So let’s help a dude out. Go watch the video. Make him feel like people care.

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