earthCan you do it?

Can you be inspired by the strong possibility that we can move to a post-carbon energy infrastructure, like I wrote about yesterday?

Can you not reject science like the tarsands-addicted bad employee of ours, Mr. Harper?

Can you see that, as a species, we must choose policy that is based on science and evidence to avert climate breakdown?

If not, leave this website and never come back. I don’t want you here.

If so, click here:

Abrupt climate change is not only imminent, it’s already here.

 - David Biello, December4, 2013 [before the polar vortex]

Blame is spin. It is for the greedy, the weak, and the sociopathic:

The international argument on climate change is about who is responsible rather than what needs to be done. Surprises like the rapid meltdown of Arctic sea ice are therefore inevitable, but extreme global warming still isn’t, necessarily. “It’s not tipping points I worry about but points of no return,” [recently retired head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and a researcher at Columbia University's Earth Institute, James] Hansen said. “It’s not whether things happen quickly but that they’re guaranteed.”

- via Dangerous Global Warming Closer Than You Think, Climate Scientists Say

Today is the day to choose intentional living.

You either have it in you, or you’re part of the problem.

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