You Have NOT Grown Numb to Crisis

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“The goal was to touch upon the fear of becoming numb to crises that don’t affect you directly.”

With a myriad of crises in the world, we fear becoming numb to their severity and how they can make us so depressed.

I think on a large scale, political, environmental and other crises can be overwhelming. But if we frame crises as struggles of individuals in situations, it’s easier to relate to our human need to help others, and seek justice.

This Norwegian experiment proves we have what it takes as a species: plus, 7.4 million views IN JUST 2 DAYS!

The trick now, is for each of us to frame the crises we encounter as situations that affect individuals. Then explore how we each can help each of them. That’s what exercises our humanity.

A young boy sat alone at an Oslo bus stop, shivering without a winter coat but it was not long before passersby wrapped their own coats around him.

The now viral social experiment was devised by the Norwegian wing of SOS Children’s Villages to raise awareness of the plight of children in war-torn Syria without safe shelter in a frigid winter, according to the organization.

The campaign asks: “What would you do if you saw a freezing child?”

via Passersby give their coats to freezing child in viral Norway charity campaign – Your Community.

Watch how humanity shines!

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