Laughing at the 1%, Occupy-Style

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Roll up your sleeves, and don’t forget your kazoos!

They say that laughter is good for the soul. But that’s hard when the 1% are crippling people’s hopes and dreams for economic security and stability in their lives.

That said, laughter is good for the soul. And just like no revolution succeeds without dancing, no Occupy exists without laughter.

And it’s just convenient that much of the 1%’s structure of the world is laughable if we want to talk about what a worthwhile civilization looks like.

So let’s look at what laughter, Occupy-style, looks like. And remember, Occupy reboots in 9 days!

Click on the video below, then if it puts you in better spirits, click here to watch the RSA animation that will pull it all together for you.

The 1% control access to and the rules around supporting badly needed social services, from education to healthcare. We live in an unsustainable system in which the very richest in society dictate with their dollars the world that they want to see, not live in, and certainly not engage with on a day to day basis.

We laugh at this preposterous system in which we live, and we will continue to bring you inspiration about how it can change.

– from Direct Action Idea #2: Laughing at the 1%

Enjoy, and remember that protest can be laughter, a kind of social shunning and rejection of anti-social behaviour: something the 1% excels at.

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