Random Terrorism From North American Police

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Five police beat and killed Luis Rodriguez.

You know you’re living in an increasingly terrorized state when the police kill for no good reason. Sure there are extenuating circumstances, but that should lead to caution, not an impulse to deadly violence.

That impulse marks the increased tendency/willingness of the police to kill for no good reason, and an increasing tone of terror that emanates from those in authority.

Read who the police have unjustifiably killed lately:

In Vancouver, the RCMP killed a distraught man who at times was brandishing a stapler. But mostly he was just distressed. There have been perjury charges against the officers in subsequent investigations.

In Seattle, police shot and killed a man after he didn’t respond to them. He was partially deaf.

In Oklahoma, five police beat a father to death in front of his family because they were too stupid to discern they were in the middle of a tragic misunderstanding. They claimed their actions fit with their protocol. If it is protocol, we’re living in a police state. If not, they’re just lying.

There needs to be more outrage about these murders.

Robert Dziekanski, killed by Vancouver police.
John T. Williams, killed by Seattle police.
Luis Rodriguez, killed by Oklahoma police.


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