Occupy IKEA’s #HouseRules

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IKEA’s #HouseRules = union busting!

Oh, IKEA, you’d think you’d learn from all the past corporate attempts to create a Twitter hashtag to promote your brand, attempts that have been subverted by culture jammers.

Maybe IKEA will get away with this one, #HouseRules, but in the spirit of the Occupy Movement rebooting on Friday with the #WaveOfAction, we should try to Occupy IKEA and their hashtag because they’re trying to break their union in Richmond, BC.

Let’s see how:

It happened to Emperor Stephen Harper when he wanted us to tweet science-y questions for him to ask Chris Hadfield on the ISS. Instead, we pointed out that Emperor Stephen rejects science.

And gorgeous McDonald’s tried a hashtag so people could tell stories about how much they love them. They lost control of that, as did Harper, almost immediately.

And Wendy’s tried #HeresTheBeef, and got trouble.

So we need to make IKEA understand we don’t like their 1% antics.

Here’s what they’re trying to do:

Here is a barf-worthy response, playing IKEA’s 1% game:

And here’s one culture jam that works on subverting IKEA’s #HouseRules:


And here are a bunch of suggestions for your to retweet, copy, improve upon or just plain steal! Plagiarism is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery!


or this:

or maybe this:

then there’s this:

In the end, we need to remember solidarity. IKEA thinks they can lock out their workers for almost a year and still reap billions in profits.

We need to walk the Occupy talk and seek justice and equality: economic, political and social.

It starts with boycotting all IKEAs in the world, and for the next few days, culture jamming their #HouseRules hashtag.

Join us, with your virtual spray can!

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2 thoughts on “Occupy IKEA’s #HouseRules”

  1. As a 20 yr. Employee of IKEA Canada I pray that IKEA will ire their union busting law firm and return to the old IKEA values!!! people before profit! We went from being no.1 in the country in many areas including acting as training facility for the country to being an underperforming store!!! We told them coquitlam was too close and even their own mandate says stores should be 60kms. Apart !!! Poor management and union busting tactics abound… I don’t need a larger wage! I need coworkers that stay!!! 4 hr. Shifts are not working!!! People work a few shifts and never come back! 13 cashiers had 0 hrs. For 3 weeks before lockout!!!! We will not sell out our values or our future for their greed……we want our caring store back!!! The scabs inside are being paid to help break our union,most of those scabs are short term employees who have no values and IKEA says we want them fired. We don’t care what happens to them!!!! Give them jobs at Coquitlam!!!! It’s not union!!! This is the tip of the iceberg!! Canada today and the other union stores in Europe tomorrow? Get back to the table IKEA before your customers decide not to return ever!

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