Occupy Vancouver: It Lives!

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“If you build it, he will come” works out as if you put up a sign people will gather.

It was warm and sunny at Grandview Park last night when Occupy Vancouver rebooted, in a modest way with 5 people talking about what Occupy means, how to communicate with our communities and what to do next.

We talked about Occupy from 2.5 years ago to now, the Wave of Action initiative that is rebooting Occupy’s around the world, May Day actions around the world, and what Occupy Vancouver should do next.

We came up with a simple idea: people need to hear about what Occupy is. So we’re planning an information meeting.

  1. People want to know the history of how Occupy started.
  2. They want to know how Occupy Vancouver went 2.5 years ago.
  3. They want to know what is going on with the Occupy Movement around the world now.
  4. They want to know what Occupy Vancouver could be now: do we actually occupy something or work as a different kind of activist organization.
  5. They want to know, of the dozens of progressive causes to work for, what we should prioritize on and how we decide that priority list.
  6. And we need to figure out how to communicate with people beyond Facebook, Twitter, the WaveOfAction.org website and the Occupy Vancouver website. This is key since there are 3 Occupy Vancouver Facebook instances, two of which are useless: one is a mockery page and one is run by no one, literally, so it’s filled with spam. This is the real, actual Occupy Vancouver Facebook page. We also need to figure out who’s got the Occupy Vancouver Twitter and website passwords [if it’s you, please get in touch with me!]. One thing we know for sure, the Occupy Vancouver page at WaveOfAction.org is reliable and real. 🙂
  7. And we also need to figure out how to connect with the rest of the progressive movement in/around Vancouver. And as you can see from the photo below about labour’s May Day march last night, things can pretty much only get better!

So if you would like to get involved with planning Occupy Vancouver, and its upcoming information night, please contact me or join the Wave of Action website [it’s free and easy, and Looks like Facebook, but is just a full-service, full-privacy social media platform for Occupy around the world] and connect with the Occupy Vancouver page there.

Let’s get busy!

Only about 100 people marched in the BC Fed and VDLC May Day march yesterday. The median age appeared to be about 55 years old. Labour needs to start doing things better to reach/involve/engage young people. Maybe Occupy can be a part of that solution.
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