Occupy Vancouver Reboots Tonight!

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CoV_GrandviewParkOccupy Vancouver reboots tonight to join the worldwide #WaveOfAction that began on April 4 and runs [at least] to July 4, 2014.

We will meet in Grandview Park on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories.

615pm is the start time, though honestly, I’ll be there a bit early. With my Occupy Vancouver sign taped to my hockey stick. In some convenient part of the park, since there will be a May Day march arriving there for a rally at the same time.

Things to consider:

  1. Inspiration for this venue came from funkypenzz.
  2. Vision [mine anyway]: Seeking equality and justice: economically, socially, politically and environmentally. That’s what Occupy means to me.
  3. Tasks I’d sugggest: Figure out how we will operate in an egalitarian way, make decisions, decide priorities/actions/activities and reboot the website, Facebook and Twitter.
  4. The Wave of Action website has rebooted itself in recent days into a social media site that looks a bit like the Facebook, but is not draconian. It’s a social organizing place, which could erupt into something like what I imagined in Fried Squirrels, a narrative I wrote about rich social movements.
  5. You can read about tonight’s event here, and look at the new [currently empty] Occupy Vancouver page there as well.
  6. The #WaveOfAction hashtag in Twitter is exciting to follow, especially because it’s May Day today. And it has hashtags of its own, including #MayDay. And as of 1230am, Vancouver time, Kuala Lumpur has 25,0000 people marching for May Day; Vancouver is likely not going to reach that level of engagement. The political sociologists can tell us why.
  7. There’s also this #GlobalSpring emerging, another ripple from the Arab Spring.
  8. And here’s something really exciting: Anonymous is calling for a consumer General Strike today! Watch their [typically] enigmatic video here.

I hope to see you tonight in East Van!

And check back tomorrow for a review of what happened tonight!




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