TFWP: How Racist is Canada?

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Here’s one way to tell how racist a person/nation is.

Have them read this excerpt and see if they fly into a rage about “those” people, or just come up with economic arguments to keep “them” out.

Hopefully, everyone you know will nod and say, “obviously!”

Since this is a chronically underpopulated country with an aging population and an inadequately sized consumer and taxpayer base for its geography and culture, there is no reason for Canada to make any of its immigrants anything other than permanent.

Those who say “Canadian jobs for Canadians” are right: We should continue to attract immigrants who want to do these jobs, and we should make sure they are able to become Canadians, as quickly as possible.

via Foreign workers won’t be temporary if we make them permanent – The Globe and Mail.

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6 thoughts on “TFWP: How Racist is Canada?”

  1. Wasn’t that the same sort of justification used for bringing so many European settlers into Canada (esp. in the Prairies) regardless of the wishes of Indigenous peoples? That Canada was just this “empty” expanse of land (Terra nullius) that needed to be populated by immigrants? That the Canadian-born/Indigenous were not numerous enough and were unwilling to “properly” exploit the natural resources this land had to offer? (eg. plowing up the Tallgrass prairie to farm grain). Is it a right to settle on a piece of land without the permission of those already living there? Canada did just fine for for 15000+ years with very limited immigration. I don’t think it is “racist” to take exception to this idea that we must cram even more people onto what is essentially stolen First Nations land because we are “chronically underpopulated” and need to increase our “consumer” and “taxpayer” (no nothing racist about this…) populations.

    1. certainly the terra nullius argument was nonsense. the canadian genocidal/settler/colonial government made heaps and heaps of mistakes.

      in this context, the TFWP is full of irony and hypocrisy. what i think is racist about the tfwp is which races and classes get screwed by the program, while others, less racially undesirable, are welcomed and expedited into the immigration screen.

      sometimes people advocate for no new immigration without first nations consent. i’d entertain that idea. i’d like to see a massive re-balancing of policy-making in this country; one that elevates the autonomy/input of first nations massively. lots [not all] of individual first nations folks i’ve spoken with are more interested in more people coming to canada, but in a progressive way. though i have met some who have argued for limits to immigration for these reasons.

      some advocate for a de-population of settlers and their decendents. i’ve heard folks talk of that, but mostly only conceptually. again, lots [not all] of individual first nations folks i’ve spoken with are more interested in more people coming to canada, but in a progressive, non-racist, inclusive way.

  2. Just to advise, canada only needs 50,000 immigrants a year. There are 36 other nations with a lower birth rate than canada. There is only 4% usable land left now in canada according to david szuki. You cannot compare the canada of 400 years ago to the canada of today. We needed immigrants until we lost alot of our natural resources and people had to use their hands to do work, they dont now. Jobs are either automated or sent to asia. Its more and more difficult for people to get any kind of work now in canada. TFWs suck out 30 billion a year to their home countries. Ontario is a have not province because of massive immigration for no known reason other than to drive down wages. And an immigrant is not a canadian, you have to be born here to be canadian,.

    1. well this is really unfortunate. soooo much oversimplification and uninformed, poor data.

      who says we need only 50k immigrants; and for what? we have vast unpopulated areas, so i don’t agree.

      what is usable land, arable? do you have a link for 4%? i couldn’t find anything, especially from suzuki. have you flown over canada? lots of usable, arable land.

      do you have a link on the $30 billion sucked out? i sure don’t like tfw’s either. but not for xenophobic reasons. if people want to come here to work we should offer them citizenship tracks.

      who cares if ontario is a have-not province: some provinces will always be have not because it’s a relative measure with respect to other provinces, for equalization.

      blaming immigrants for ontario being a have not province is just ignorant racism. i think it’s more likely to do with provincial gdp hits to their industrial base from the 2008 recession and companies like catepillar moving to the usa.

      and more racism…if you aren’t born here you aren’t a canadian? that’s just really sad for you.

  3. Its actually 30 billion a year being sucked out of canada by TFWs who send all their earnings back home. Massive immigration is the reason why we are broke and our taxes are high. Its also the reason for the housing bubble. And ANY nation in the world, you cannot be a citizen of another nation unless you are BORN in that nation. There are many nations that do not have immigration such as india, china and Iran. If you land at their borders, you would be politely told to f off or maybe even shot. And its considered racist to bring in outsiders of any color with there are 2 million highly skilled Canadians of all colors and races unemployed. One in every 4 new jobs created goes to a TFW now. You should study canadian history and learn who were called the canadians, they were the first white settlers. And finally, natives do not like or want any immigration because they dont like them and they will get less help than they got for whites. Whites and natives are very close and good friends, at least the ones who are not politicans.

    1. well if you read my previous comment, you’ll know that if you don’t provide evidence or a link for $30 billion, you might as well just making it up. it sure would be great if all the wealth that tfw’s earn stayed in canada because we LET them be canadians.

      blaming immigrants for high taxes, a housing bubble and poverty is just ignorance and racism. and how ignorant are you? you actually think you can only be a citizen of “any” country in the world if you are actually born there. i also think that if you have proof somewhere outside of your head that india will shoot you if you show up there to immigrate, i’d love to see it.

      1 in 4 new jobs goes to tfw’s? provide a link if that’s true.

      and your racism about who are “real” canadians and why they need to be white is pretty much all that is necessary to fully destroy your credibility. generalizing about natives and how racist they are or who their friends are is just further ignorance making you look quite sad.

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