Capitalists Working on Climate Change?

-- Download Capitalists Working on Climate Change? as PDF -- you know, I’m not one to tout the marvels of capitalism, however there is this. Out of the 6 of the most hopeful climate stories of this year at the Climate Reality Project, is this one about businesses doing [if only slightly] more than greenwashing or PR sexied up as climate action.

My hashtag obsession for 2015 is #ClimateHope!

Business Trends Favor Climate Action

The US-China climate deal is also a giant boost for clean-energy markets. Having the world’s two largest economies competing to accelerate the adoption of no-carbon and low-carbon technologies will send one of the most powerful market signals we’ve ever seen.

The US added more solar capacity in the past two years than in the previous 30 years combined. A host of companies and even whole industries are providing the goods and services that deliver cleaner, more efficient power to consumers.

In Nevada, Tesla is building the world’s largest advanced automotive-battery factory. In New York, Solar City is building a massive solar-photovoltaic factory.

Meanwhile, market leaders such as Google and Walmart are making huge investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Amazon recently announced its plan to shift to 100 percent renewable energy for its cloud computing and other divisions. The clean energy future is now – making it easier for nations to commit to real emissions reduction.

Our Year in Climate Action | Climate Reality.

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