Spring: the Season of Sexism and Dress Codes

Over the years we have written about sexist school and sports dress codes. But since it’s spring, we should expect a great deal of attention in the non-progressive media to what is either inappropriately dressed teen girls, or the increasingly less subtle slutshaming and sexism that we heap on women. This year’s keynote is from … Continue reading Spring: the Season of Sexism and Dress Codes

Slut Shaming, And Other Idiocy

Welcome to the cusp of spring-summer. Now that the weather is turning, the slut shaming and attacks on women’s clothing choices will ramp up. In Labrador, 28 girls were sent home from school because their clothing contravened the dress code. They also sent home two boys whose shirts bared their shoulders. 47% of those voting … Continue reading Slut Shaming, And Other Idiocy

Sporting a Uterus

Following the Women’s World Cup this year has been an enlightening experience for me. So far, some matches have been heart-stopping (Brazil-USA), and some have been crap (Canada-France), just like any tournament. The Canadians ended up knocked out in the first round bottom of their pool despite (overly) high expectations pumped up to justify the … Continue reading Sporting a Uterus