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Tia is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and covered in a crunchy candy coating of genuine British Columbian snark. She is currently exiled to Winnipeg for an unknown duration of time.


Recent articles by Tia Everitt:

Will Today Be the Day You Die at Work?

    Do you feel lucky, punk? Well… do you? Every day, four Canadians will die as a result of a workplace accident, injury or industrial disease.  If you make it home from work today, you are one of the lucky ones. Statistically speaking, 1000 Canadian workers die annually as a result of workplace fatalities. […]

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Corporate Hypocrites Gone Wild: Syncrude Edition

Let’s say that you’re one of the world’s largest producers of synthetic crude and also Canada’s largest single-source producer of crude derived from oil sands. Imagine that you are also  the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in Alberta!  (“Psst, we’re working on being the biggest in all of the nation, baby. Don’t count us out yet!”) Your tailing […]

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Profits Before People: Richmond Ikea Lockout Enters Day 17

  Generating enough media spin to rival a jet engine at take off, the management and PR folks at Ikea Canada want you to believe that their poor little corporation is being held hostage by greedy, soulless union workers in Richmond. Woe.  Pity poor Ikea. It’s tough being a multi-national corporation with a reputation for […]

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Live-Blogging the Next BC Government

Here we are: only hours to go until the polls close. What will be the next BC government? What are your hopes, fears, dreams, goals? This page will refresh every 15 seconds, or you can manually reload it. Please add in your comments below What are your seat predictions? What do you think will be […]

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Cunt: Never An Appropriate Descriptor for a 9 Year Old Child

When I close my eyes, and imagine all the terms that one could come up with to describe a 9 year old girl, the very last one on my list would be “cunt.” In general, I would assume that most reasonable people would agree. There are fewer words as genderized, vulgar and riddled with hate. […]

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Tapping Into Prairie Roots: An Engagement Challenge for the Federal NDP

    The New Democratic Party of Canada was born on the prairies.  Spun from soil, grain and sweat, the party we call the NDP came into being as a Western Canadian populist-party, steeped in social-democratic ideology. Despite proud roots and prairie pedigree (not to mention the staggering 103 seats in present Parliament) the federal […]

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1st Liberal Leadership Debate – Social Media Guide

This Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 1:00pm PT is the first Liberal Leadership debate.  Here are some ways you can take in the spectacle: HOW TO WATCH LIVE Go to http://www.liberal.ca/live where the debate will be streamed in real time. TWITTER You can also follow the debate hashtags on Twitter, in order to see how others are […]

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Solicitations From My Inbox: A January of Trudeau

Pity Justin Trudeau.   It seems that nobody is willing to confront him and force him to deal with the fact  that the Liberal Party of Canada died two years ago.  In the meantime, his handlers and the media humor him while he runs around like the Norman Bates of Canadian politics,  dragging the taxidermied […]

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Attawapiskat Audit is Merely a Distraction

Green Party leader Elizabeth May published a well-thought out and clear article on Wednesday, breaking down the reasons why the ongoing media banter about Attiwapiskat fund mismanagement and Chief Theresa Spence are merely distractions from an ongoing legacy of government failure to protect indigenous people and the environment. Twitter and Facebook have become virtual battlegrounds […]

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America the Not-So-Beautiful: God Shat His Grace On Thee

Close your eyes, and conjure up a mental image of the stereotype of the Ugly American. Loud. Large. Willfully ignorant of customs and countries that lie beyond the border of the US -of- A. Rabidly proselytizing the gospel of liberty, freedom and patriotism bestowed unto their nation via God and gun. A walking caricature of […]

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